David Deysher



I am the owner/broker of Historic & Distinctive Properties and have been for 15 years. After obtaining a BS from Bucknell University I was “encouraged” to join the military, spending 3 years in the US Army, to include an “ all  expenses paid trip” to Vietnam. After my discharge I returned to school for an MBA at Lehigh.  My wife and I always wanted to settle in NE and soon after getting here 37 years ago decided a traditional antique NH home was in our blood. It took years to find the one we love and when we finally did I thought about what I could do with the knowledge I acquired looking for the “perfect” antique.

That’s how I got into this business 19 years ago and my passion for antiques is obvious once you meet me. And our team all share the same passion. You can send me a personal email here.

Historic & Distinctive Properties is

Veteran Owned and Operated